VoNo has released four albums under the name Voces Nordicae: Nordic Voices (2003), Time Is Now (2006), What is Life (2011) och The Magic Paintbrush (2012). They are available to listen to through Spotify. Support VoNo by buying them directly at: Footprint records.

Lone Larsen and her elite choir Voces Nordicae are characterized by crystal-clear intonation and a dark, sensual and rich timbre... (Carl Gunnar Åhlén, Svenska Dagbladet – about Nordic Voices 2003)

The Magic Paintbrush (2012)

The Magic Paint Brush hear
Deep Down in the Ocean
The Sea Witch
Stand Up My Dear
Nunc dimittis
Cantate Domino
Haec dies
Jubilate Deo
Skoven er så underfuld

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What is Life (2011)

Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine
Regn og Rusk og Rosenbusk
Ubi Caritas
Deus in adiutorium
What is Life
Frame and Content
Agnus Dei
Till sist
Die erste Elegie


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Time Is Now (2006)

Ave Maria (Fransisco Guerrero)
Pater Noster (Fransisco Guerrero)
Hymn to the Creator of Light (John Rutter)
Time is Now/Danse ikke gråte nå (Lone Larsen/ Lillebjörn Nilsen)
Pust (Susanne Rosenberg)
Be of Love (David Worm/ Mark Vickness)
That Lonesome Road (James Taylor)
Sun on the Moon (James Taylor)
Det är den störste dårlighet (Trad. Norge)
Sonnet No 76 (Alfred Janson)
Kyrie (Olle Lindberg)
Gloria (Olle Lindberg)
Kyrie (Josef Rheinberger)

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Nordic Voices (2003)

Fjaugen (Jan Ekedahl, Mats Hallberg)
Kaerlighedsrosen (Jörgen Jersild)
Min yndlingsdal (Jörgen Jersild)
Sagastipean (Javier Busto)
I denna ljuva sommartid (Anders Nyberg)
Liber Canticorum (Vagn Holmboe):
Lauda Anima Mea
Laudabo Dominum
Psallam Deo
Kristallen den fina (Gunnar Eriksson)
Flos ut rosa floruit (Per Nörgård)
To the mothers in Brazil/Salve Regina (Lars Jansson, Gunnar Eriksson)
Benedictio (Urmas Sisask)

Four Shakespeare Songs (Jaakko Mäntyjärvi):
Come away, death
Lullaby Double, double toil and trouble
Full fathom five

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