VoNo's Method

Improvisation, trust, and working in musical detail

For twenty years, Lone Larsen and VoNo have developed a method for creative co-creation. We work from two different perspectives. The notated choral repertoire represents the perspective of "know first - do then"; we study and refine the music with the greatest possible respect for the composer's intentions. Group improvisation, on the other hand, is based on embracing impulses, saying YES, spontaneity and interaction: "do first - know then". We play our way to something we didn't know existed, and which only exists in that moment.

It is a great and exciting challenge to switch between these working methods in the same concert. But we also work on letting them color each other. To have a beautiful symbiosis between brain and body in everything we do.

Working with these two "mindsets" and having great artistic responsibility for the individual has created a close-knit ensemble with empathy, humor and a strong common musical expression.

"Our goal is to move the audience," says Lone Larsen.