Taking inspiration from the young voices that today protest against the worlds abuse of resources, the show “Earth Call” communicates the challenges ahead for our society. A performance that through music, images and movement seamlessly present the theme; to live in harmony with each other and the Earths resources. All accompanied and supported by live photography and art by Kristina Junzell.

The performance incorporates the UN’s global development goals that have been put forward by world leaders to reach social, economic and environmental sustainability by 2030.

“Earth Call” premiered April 16th at the Museum of Photograhpy in Stockholm and is now revived, renewed with current issues in mind and newly composed music by Tina Andersson, and others.

Music: K. Höghielm, M Åsander, Ē. Ešenvalds, R. Kriegström

Conductor: Lone Larsen

Chereography: Susanne Jaresand

Photography: Kristina Junzell

Read more about the UN’s global development goals:


Kristina Junzell (Art) is the visual artist responsible for the photography and video art in Earth Call. Nature is often prominent in Kristinas work where it is often the focus but also underlying thematically. One person or several. Or nothing but the space. And the space in between. In the still photography one notices a want to tell a story, but not necessarily reveal too much. As an observer, she invites you to participate. Or to find a different story. A story born through memories or fantasy. Is what is shown actually what we see?

Susanne Jaresand (Choreography) is a Professor of Rhythm and Movement and works as a choreographer. As well as nearly fifty stand-alone choreographed works, she has worked on many performances within theatre and opera both nationally and internationally. Susanne has an ongoing artistic research project about the physical listening within dance and music.

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