Through a mass of grey, a rainbow emerges. One person dreams of belonging, another escaping. Some conform and others stick out. 

I AM LIKE MANY is an acapella musical and dramatic exploration of one's personal identity within the confines of a mass functioning society. A performance of comedy alongside serious themes and tones. A mixture of mixed voice a capella music, literature and improvisation show humankinds most beautiful and hideous sides, all at once.

Music written especially for the show, Crossroads by Ann-Sofi Söderqvist and Malin Hülphers form a musical base and is framed by music of amongst others, Stuart Beatch, Marie-Claire Saindon, Dominick DiOrio and Henrik Dahlgren.

Artistic Director: Lone Larsen
Director and Choreographer: Ulf Evrén
Scenography: Fanny Senocq
Costume: Tove Fagius, Fanny Senocq

Performed by: Emma Fagerström (soprano) Anna-Kari Frisk (soprano) Tove Fagius (mezzosoprano) Anna Larsdotter (mezzosoprano) Janna Vettergren (alto) Lisa Fagius Hålling (alto) Martin Åsander (tenor) Peder Curman (tenor) Jonathan von Döbeln (tenor) Adam Jondelius (baritone) André Hasselgren (bass) Anders Butta Börjesson (bass).

Supported by Musikverkt and Kulturrådet.
Performance run-time approx. 1 hour.


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Three Questions About

"I Am Like Many"

- Artistic Director, Lone Larsen

What's the best thing about I Am Like Many?

I am like many is a colorful, life-affirming celebration conveyed through fantastic choral works rooted in our time. There is a presence in the music, the lyrics and the theme that resonates personally for me on many different levels at the same time. We work with seriousness and humor at the same time and it creates an honest and inclusive expression for me.

How does I am like many differ from other performances you have created with VoNo?

We wanted to find an angle we had not had before and decided to start with the scenography and a collaboration with Fanny Senocq. Normally, the scenography comes at a much later stage in the creation of a performance, but we wanted to turn it upside down and see what impulses for creation we got based on Fanny's sketches and ideas. It is an interesting journey to see how a globe, a box or a color can become both abstract and concrete and arouse different emotions in me. A fun challenge for us and our director and choreographer Ulf Evrén!

Why improvisation?

Before each new performance, I spend an endless amount of time planning the music; I think of voice distribution, theme, timbre, tonal language, the individual voices. We work hard with precision and details and learn the pieces by heart. Then the improvisation comes in and turns everything upside down. I love that I am always surprised by the music that arises in the moment, even though I know the ensemble so well. I'm quite childish and playful and improvisation keeps that part of me alive even when we work with serious subjects.