the album
Music by Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Stuart Beatch och Dominick diOrio from the stage show

I Am Like Many

with Martin Åsander's "Att se"
Performed by VoNo and conductor Lone Larsen
Recording and production: Per Sjösten, Footprint Records Buy from Footprint Records or listen on Spotify.
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Per Sjösten of Footprint Records on the album I AM LIKE MANY

'I want to contribute to enriching the cultural offering in Sweden (and the world) with music that maintains a high artistic level. Music that has an intrinsic value and such a brilliance that it will remain long after we are forgotten. I find it incredibly exciting to work with art music, which challenges me on an artistic level as well as in my music production work. This is my driving force.

Since I recorded the first album with Voces Nordicae (2003), both VoNo and my own production work have developed further, and the sense of community we have makes our collaboration feel uncomplicated, fun and productive.

The album I am like many (EP) simply consists of very good music performed by an incredibly good ensemble. If you are a person who is interested in sound and soundscape, you can also listen to this album in an immersive audio format (the New Generation Audio) in headphones. The lyrics touch on our eternal questions about human difference and inclusion, and the album therefore becomes a highly relevant and desired contribution to the cultural debate in Sweden.'

Per Sjösten in February 2024


Stuart Beatch: I am like many
Ann-Sofi Söderqvist: Crossroads, text Malin Hülphers
Dominick DiOrio: The Visible World
Martin Åsander: Att se, text Martin Gribbe

Music Videos
Video production: Josef Sjöblom
Concept and Direction: Lone Larsen och Josef Sjöblom

I Am Like Many

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The Visible World